If You're Like Most WLS Patients, You've Struggled With Eating & Weight Most Of Your Life.

If you're anything like my client Susan, you might relate to what she went through before she worked with me. 


Susan was bullied at school because of her weight, and she was so sick of always feeling like "the big one".


She spent her life yo yo'ing with food and her weight, and was either in total control and being perfect or bingeing (and nothing in between). 


Every time she tried to lose weight, she ended up putting on even more weight, regardless of which diet she was on. 


Over time this made her feel like a failure. The shame and disappointment made her lose her self worth. 


Like Susan, you knew a few friends that had WLS and were doing well.  


You did your research, organised your insurance and booked your surgery in!


It all went really well at the start. Even though it was an adjustment, you took it day by day. 


The weight just dropped off you, and food wasn't controlling you anymore. 


You loved this feeling. 


You probably found the complements were coming in thick and fast, you celebrated when you dropped dress sizes.  


With every dress size you dropped, your self worth increased. 


She finally felt like her real self. 


But then you started to notice that your head hunger started getting louder and louder,  and your old friend chocolate started to sneak back in after dinner as you were relaxing in front of the TV.


Like Susan, you probably felt disappointed in yourself and felt like a failure. 


Feeling worried that you just wasted all of your hard earned money. 


But your worry isn't enough to stop you from eating those slider foods. 


"I'll start again tomorrow" is what Susan told herself each day. 


Week by week, she kept losing more and more control over her eating, as she let her head hunger dominate. 


Her eating and weight spiralled and she felt so stuck. 


She felt like a complete failure and she was so disappointed in herself. 


WLS was meant to give her permanent results.


Why didn't surgery work?  


Perhaps you have asked this exact same question. 


If You're Failing With Your Weight, It's Because You've Been Working With A Broken Strategy.

It's NOT Your Fault. 

97% of WLS patients struggle with this. You're not alone. 

There is an assumption that changing your behaviour (meal plans, counting calories, reset diet) will automatically change your identity and self worth to match your new body after WLS.

But behaviour is only a small portion of the equation. What drives our behaviours is the image that we hold of ourselves within our own mind. In other words, it's your subconscious identity. 

Your self worth is also subconsciously driven. If you're like most people, and you don't know how to reprogram and increase your self worth you may think it will just come after you get the external results.

But as you probably already know, because you've tried WLS and regained the weight, this is a broken strategy. It's what we are all taught and I used to believe that, too.

I struggled with my weight during my teens and twenties and searched in all the wrong places for the answers,  feeling more and more like a failure. As the number of diets that increased I became more and more powerless.

It was when I started  looking inside myself and increased my self worth, changed my mental image of my body, and cleared my internal struggle around what foods I ate that I discovered I had the power to regain control, let go of the weight for good, and felt like I was living my best life.

Pre WLS you had version 1.0 mind, and a version 1.0 body. 


Post WLS your body had an upgrade to version 2.0 (significant weight loss, health benefits etc), however your mind is still operating at version 1.0.


Your mind will not automatically upgrade itself. 


You must facilitate the upgrade with the right programs (just like a upgrading from windows 7 to 10!).


The secret to lasting weight loss is upgrading your identity, self worth and eating habits first but if you already knew how to do that you've have done that by now.

That's why I created the version 2.0 upgrade model.


If you're like most of the WLS patients I've worked with as a WLS Psychologist, you've been working backward. I will teach you how to work from the inside out to regain control, like I did with Susan. I'll share more of her story a little further down the page.​


As a WLS Psychologist, I have spent thousands and thousands of hours in a therapeutic context working with women just like you who were working backwards, regained their lost weight and desperately wanted to get back in control again. 


Based off my expertise in this area working at WLS clinic, I developed a Version 2.0 Upgrade Method, that has been tried and tested. 


There are 5 key steps you must complete to upgrade your mind from version 1.0 to version 2.0 so that you can stop the sabotage and start losing again (and stay there!).



Step 1: Commit To Change & Stop Outsourcing Your Success.


Your brain is wired to keep you in the familiar, safe identity you have been stuck in. But you have a choice, you don't have to stay there. V2.0 method helps you stay accountable and empowers  to create the new you.


Step 2: Upgrade Your Self Worth.


You Can't Hate Your Way Skinny, heck, you're probably already tried. If you don't accept, respect and love yourself now you won't know how to do it regardless of what the scale says. And you still won't be living your best life.


Step 3: Upgrade Your Identity.


You have lost weight before, you know how to do it. But as long as internally you see yourself as “the fat girl” you will struggle with self sabotage and regaining the weight. When you stop waiting to see yourself as you want to be, change will be easy.


Step 4: Stop Your Eating Sabotage.  


Neruopathways in your brain light up when you see your comfort foods. In this step, we will rewire your brain to change these pathways so that your brain literally loses interest in your old bad eating habits, and you will not need an ounce of willpower!


Step 5: Stay On Track & Maintain.


Despite the ups and downs in life you'll have the skills, tools and techniques to deal with what whatever life throws your way and maintain your self worth and your ideal weight.



You will continue to remain stuck until you use the version 2.0 upgrade model, which will stop your sabotage and get you back in control with eating and weight (and stay there)





I have created a Version 2.0 Upgrade Online Program for women who have had WLS who want to protect their WLS investment, and not waste all of the thousands and thousands of dollars you've spent, and all or that hard work and dedication. 


If you want to get back in control with your eating and weight, whilst feeling free and calm around food (rather than feeling anxious and consumed by all those food related thoughts), I invite you to join us today. 


Are you ready to FEEL better about yourself and change the way you are BEING to be more fun, relaxed, calm and start enjoying your life?


I have created an online group weekly program using the best of my tools in my 1 on 1 work at the WLS clinic. 


To work with me for 12 weeks as a 1 on 1 client doing this work, it would be an investment of under $4,000.


This group program, makes my work more accessible to many more women from all around the world to facilitate their upgrade to version 2.0 so they can live their best life!!


Just like Susan. 


She went from failure to effortless success as she worked with me to upgrade her mind to V2.0. 


She couldn't believe how quickly and naturally she felt the shifts.   


Biscuits, chocolate and chips, no longer interested her anymore.  


She naturally craved healthy foods and she was back on track heading towards her goal weight.


She would be out catching up with friends and be fully in the moment, and not be consumed by food. 


Susan felt free and wished she upgraded her mind months ago!!






Here’s How You Upgrade Your Mind To Version 2.0:

Remember this program is ideal for you whether you've had WLS or not. 

Weekly Calls & Support For 12 Weeks To Upgrade To Version 2.0


Each week I will email you the block we will be processing together on the call. I will survey you prior, to gain your input and tailor the session. 


You have the option to join me live via a Zoom video call:


- Monday 4pm AEDT  (7am UK Time) OR

- Tuesday at 10am AEDT (6pm PDT Monday)


You will jump on the zoom group video call and I will lead you though my Version 2.0 Upgrade Model, where you will follow my lead to clear this block. Essentially, I process the block for you through my process. 


You don't even need to be LIVE on  the call to get results.  You can watch each replay. Georgie will send you a questionnaire each week where you will share how the sabotage block is playing out for you so she can weave this into the sessions.


You will feel supported from like minded women, just like you and will learn from their experiences as well. 


Here's an example of some of the blocks we will clear together on the calls:


  • Bad eating habits (snacking, night time eating, larger portions)
  • All or nothing thinking
  • Psychological Set Point Weight (your weight comes from your mind)
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of Failure (weight regain)
  • Fear of Success
  • Body loathing
  • Holding onto excess weight as protection
  • I need to be in control (which leads to being out of control)
  • Version 1.0 Identity Shift to Version 2.0
  • Self Worth: I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy, I'm undeserving. 



I have spent my career perfecting an online program where I show you exactly what you need to do to upgrade your mind to Version 2.0. 


It's taken my years of researching, thousands and thousands of 1 on 1 work with women just like you. It's tried and tested and the outcomes for WLS have been amazing. 


When you sign up today, I gift you my Version 2.0 Upgrade Toolkit for free (I sell this program for $500). 


You will have these tools for life and they work VERY quickly to upgrade your mind to version 2.0.


This is ONLY a free gift when you sign up today. 


Module 1: Control Your Food Cravings (VALUE $499) 

Do you have a strong emotional connection with specific foods such as chocolate, cheese, fast food, chips or ice cream? Right now your brain is wired to seek out these foods. Are you ready to break your emotional connection with these foods so they no longer have the power over you? You can still choose to eat these foods, but you will be able to stop at one, meaning YOU will now have the power!

Module 2: Control Your Emotional Eating VALUE: $499

Do you eat in secret? Engage in stress, boredom, binge or comfort eating? Or eat larger portions? This is the module for you that will see a reduction in these problematic eating patterns. This module will create new brain pathways that let you take or leave the food on your terms.

Module 3: Control Your Night Eating VALUE: $499

Do you eat at night when everyone else is bed to have some 'me' time? Many busy women are using food at the end of the day as an opportunity to relax and unwind, but the issue is they are using food to numb out and it's a form of self sabotage. This module will re-wire your brain so you will lose interest in night time eating and instead be able to relax without using food.

Module 4: Control Your Reward Eating VALUE: $499

Do you use food as a reward? Maybe it's at the other end of a hard day or week. Or maybe you deserve a treat for working hard. Using food as a reward is a form of self sabotage, and this module will allow you to break the emotional connection with using food in this way.

Your investment is ONLY AUD$1197 or USD $854

This investment is nothing compared to what you've spent on WLS and what's at stake if you don't do this Version 2.0 upgrade.  Payment Plan is available.

I want you to consider how many thousands of dollars you have spent on your WLS.  This Version 2.0 Upgrade Program is THE thing that will determine whether your WLS will be a success or a failure.  This program is a small investment in comparison to what you have spent already so you can get back on track.


You are also working with a Registered Psychologist who specialises in the area of WLS. You can be guaranteed to get the best of the best tools.




I Know how powerful my Version 2.0 Upgrade Method is, and it's worked on thousands and thousands of WLS patients over the years, but don't take my word for it, I invite you to discover it for yourself.


Sign up today and join the next weekly session live.   Give it a few days after the session because the upgrade continues for 3 days afterwards, and if it's not for you, I will give you a full refund and cancel all future payments and we leave as friends.....


Don't die wondering, come and experience for yourself....

From: Georgie Beames, Registered Eating & Weight Psychologist, WLS

Dear Friend,  


No matter your age, size, or personality…or how many diet programs you’ve done before...


The root of all your behavior comes from the same place. And it’s the place many health experts have completely ignored: the brain.


It’s what thousands of women at my WLS practice relied on to give themselves the control and confidence to shed and keep the weight where it belongs - off the scale.


So I know it works for anyone.


This is the new scientifically-researched frontier for people who want to overcome emotional eating. The impact is so big, it’s been called the “4th Wave of Behavioral Psychology”. Come see for yourself. 


Can't wait to upgrade your mind to version 2.0 so you can feel free and in control for good.


Georgie xx




Is The Version 2.0 Upgrade Program Right For You?

Before you enrol today, there are a few things you need to know. I’m sure these will make you fall in love with this program and help you realize that the Version 2.0 Upgrade Program is right for you:

  • 1) Version 2.0 Upgrade Program puts women in control

    First. Every element of the Version 2.0 Upgrade Program is planned, tested and backed by the results, and gleaming testimonials Plus, you’ll quickly realize you don’t need willpower when you’re forgetting about sabotaging yourself.

  • 2) Version 2.0 Upgrade Program takes out all the guesswork

    Unlike other programs out there, Version 2.0 Upgrade Program,  is a comprehensive done-for-you program. There’s nothing to track, nothing to calculate and nothing to figure out. All you do is commit to following my lead each week as you clear your blocks to set you up for long term success. 

  • 3) With Version 2.0 Upgrade Program, you won’t be alone

    You will meet other like-minded women along with myself to answer any questions you might have along the way. WLS women from all around the world are on this journey along with you. And they are willing to share their friendly advice and encouragement.


If you’ve tried other programs and failed, it’s easy to feel like you can self sabotage and ruin your progress. And even if you did everything right, there is a chance your spouse could be the saboteur testing your willpower. 


What’s great about this program is willpower is removed from the equation. Even better, it won’t matter if your friend or spouse tries to sabotage you. (Because they will try). The reason is because your brain won’t associate your favourite foods as pleasure - so even if your saboteur held a plate of pizza up to your nose, it wouldn’t phase you!


Remember, you've been working backwards in the past with a broken strategy. 


Come and try out 1 session and if it's not for you, at least you know that you really have tried everything!! (and you won't lose a cent as I will give you a full refund and we will part as friends). 


Bottom line: This is the easiest way to feel in control around food. You can quieten the bully in your head & forget that there's a half opened bag of biscuits or chips in the pantry!!!






Choice 1:


You can keep struggling and fighting against your brain wiring and your bad eating habits, watching the weight gain and feeling like crap (BTW the longer you leave it, the harder it gets) OR

Choice 2:

You can upgrade your mind to v2.0, where your success is effortless, you have world class expertise and support, and work with other women who are making the changes you want to make.



It's time to take action and you CAN be Version 2.0 in the matter of weeks!!!


We start on Monday!!!

 Version 2.0 Upgrade Program






  • You will clear significant sabotaging blocks in 12 weeks resulting in you feeling more in control around food & your weight

  • You will have weekly support from Georgie in processing these sabotaging blocks

  • You will be using the best evidence based tools to upgrade to version 2.0!

  • You will feel more in control and calm around food, and excited and hopeful about the future

Just look at a few women who’ve done this work already

Questions? Ask Away...

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Will Version 2.0 Upgrade Program work for me?

Will Version 2..0 Upgrade Program work with my crazy schedule?

What if I have a special occasion or travel coming up? Is it better to wait?

I can’t think of a better time to start the program Special occasions and travelling are usually the moments we feel most vulnerable. There’s delicious food everywhere and you don’t feel like following your strict food plans. With Version 2.0 Upgrade Program, you can automatically avoid foods that could make you feel worse later.

What if I have a health condition? Can I still join?

Yes! You can do this even if you’re on medication such as anti-depressants. The one area we do not process in the group is any trauma. I recommend that you reach out to Georgie for 1 on 1 sessions to process that in a safe context. 

It’s Time To Make it happen!

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