Eliminate Your Snacking -Naturally & Easily WITHOUT Needing Willpower

How to reverse the relapse & start losing again

Thursday 26th November 1pm-2.15pm (AEDT)

  Developed by Leading

Psychologist, Weight Loss Surgery

Georgie Beames 

In this FREE Workshop you'll :

  • Understand why your snacking (night time eating, eating whilst cooking, coffee & cake etc) has the power over you and it's so hard to say no in the moment 

  • Watch as your snacking is eliminated as I re-wire your brain around this food, so you take your power back & are now in charge!

  • Georgie's focus is with weight loss surgery patients and she uses the exact same technique that clients $$ for to eliminate their snacking.  You get this all for free when you join us LIVE in the workshop.  Next year this workshop will be paid, so join today :) 

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