Attention: Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Discover The Little Known Secret To Keep The Weight Off For Good

WLS is such a big (and expensive) decision, learn from leading WLS Psychologist what you need to do to ensure you don't fail or get back on track if things aren't working the way you thought it would. 

Developed by Leading

Weight Loss Surgery Psychologist,

Georgie Beames


    • Learn 3 WLS Mind Shifts You Need To Make Your Weight Loss Surgery a Success

    • Learn why WLS Patients are starting to sabotage and regain in just a few months after WLS, and how to avoid it.

    • Control comes from your mind, not your stomach. Learn how to get your mind under control so that you can keep the weight off for good!

    Psychology is a critical part of making anyone's surgery a success. I refer patients to Georgie and her teachings are enlightening and resonate with my patients.

    Michael Hii

    Oesophago-Gastric and Bariatric Surgeon

    Watching the live training is great insight into understanding why eating behaviours - learned over a lifetime - cannot simply change as a result of surgery.

    Jacinta Velt

    Registered Nurse, Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery 

    As a Weight Loss Surgery Dietitian, my experience tells me that Psychology plays a critical role on your WLS journey.  Georgie's teachings provides anyone considering surgery or has had surgery with the roadmap to make their surgery a success. 

    Julie Hennessy

    Director, Weight Loss Surgery Support

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