Work 1 on 1 With Georgie Beames - Leading WLS Psychologist & Get Back In Control & Stay There!


"I Thought Surgery Would Fix This!!!"

I know you had hoped you wouldn't be here.  You had hoped that surgery meant you would have control around food for life.


I'm here to tell you  - it's not your fault lovely.  It's just the surgery was on your stomach, not on your mind.


And the underlying reasons as to WHY you are eating and sabotaging (what got you to surgery in the first place) need to be addressed.


WLS was the beginning of the weight loss process, it wasn't the final destination. 


WLS results will only be short term unless you do this next part of the process


The rest of the process (mental work) is what makes WLS work and last.


If you don't address this, everything else, including WLS will be a bandaid.


But I'm here to help you and turn this around and get you back on your weight loss path (and stay there). 

What Is The 1 on 1 Coaching Program?

  • 1 on 1 Personalised Sessions Per Month PLUS Fortnightly Group Coaching

    We will book you in for a 1 on 1 session every month for consistency and momentum.  In these sessions Georgie will do processing work with you to continue to clear your blocks that might be getting in the way from feeling free aorund food AND releasing any excess weight. In these sessions Georgie will identify and clear your specific blocks holding you back from success. 

    Each week you can jump on a call with Georgie, ask her anything, get support and coaching to keep you on track. 

  • Accelerated Results & Accountability

    What happens outside of the sessions is just as important as what happens during the sessions. Georgie will be providing you with specific homework in between sessions from her online program, so you can feel in control and on track every day! This will accelerate your outcomes and results.

  • Re-Wiring Tools For LIFE!! You Never Need To Regress Back To Your Old Ways!

    Georgie has created the only online program for WLS patients to upgrade their mind to version 2.0 to match their new body and stay in control.  You will have a lifetime access to all of these tools that Georgie has spent her career perfecting including snacking, night time eating, reward eating, specific cravings, stress eating, boredom eating, softening perfectionism, improving self worth and much more!!   Georgie will give you a maintenance plan after our time together so you can continue to stay in control for life!!

But Georgie, I've Done SOOO Many Things Before, Will This Work For Me?

I totally get it,  and that's the question I would be asking if I were you too. 


Firstly, you haven't worked with me before.  I don't mean that to sound arrogant, because I'm not like that. 


You haven't yet worked with a Psychologist who specialises in the area of WLS.  


As well as my coaching program, I also work in a WLS clinic and have been there since 2016, alongside leading WLS surgeons and dietitians.  My waiting list is at 3 months.  I have the credibility and expertise to help you too. 


To be completely honest, you can't even compare what I do with a generalist Psychologist that you might have seen in the past, because I specialise not only in the area of eating and food, but a further specialisation with WLS patients. 


I have a podcast as well called Reverse The Relapse for WLS patients. It's a pre-requisite to work with me. If my message resonates, then we will be a good fit!


I have spent my career using different tools, and the tools I use now see the most effective and fastest results that I have seen in my entire career. These tools are regarded as the 4th Wave in Psychology.  


What this means for you, is that we won't just be talking through your issues with food and your weight.  I don't do talk therapy. I go far deeper and process these out of you in the session.


I will identify your specific blocks that are sabotaging you and getting in your way of success and PROCESS THEM OUT OF YOU  using evidence based tools that I have tailored for WLS patients that work extremely effectively and fast. 


Not only will you have 6 x 1 on 1 sessions with me where we will process your blocks in the sessions, leaving you feeling lighter and more in control.  I will also be giving you homework in between sessions where you will continue to re-wire your brain giving you more and more control, which will accelerate your outcomes. 


And you have these tools for life.


This means you never need to regress back to where you are right now!!


Don't just take my word, here are some clients of mine from the program. 


If you are ready for change and more control in your life (and stay there), complete the application form. 


I am only taking 2 new clients per month. 




If you are based in Australia, you can now SAVE OVER $500!!!


You just need a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP and you are able to claim and save money. 


Once you apply, I will be back in touch to let you know if we are a good fit. 


If we are, I will send you more information about my 1 on 1 packages. 


  • Get back in control  around food & back on your weight loss path

  • Eliminate the sabotage - no more 'on/off' with food

  • Establish consistent healthy habits

  • Save money - no more buying sabotaging food

  • Get back into your skinny clothes post surgery and stay there

Complete the application Form & receive a personalised response in the next 2 days

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